Bring Your Workflow To Life

Smart, Lightweight and Fully Managed solutions

Get More Done

We use a cutting edge Workflow Management System called Weave that provides a flexible framework to define and automate processes.

Resistant to change

A Unique and Flexible approach allows you to migrate a workflow in phases, thus ensuring success at every stage.


Engineered For Growth

The Hybrid No-SQL + SQL Datastore is designed to accomodate the changing needs of your organization and scale as it grows.


Smooth and intuitive

User Interfaces are surprisingly easy to use and can be tailored to your specific needs. Focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us.


Features at a Glance

Discover what makes our solutions click with our clients

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Empower Your Staff

Craft solutions to help grow your business. Our applications simplify, secure and optimize how your staff works.

  • Dashboards for each user with clearly defined roles and outcomes
  • Approval or rejection of applications on a single click
  • Well defined workflow system
  • Alerts and notifications


Empower Your Clients

Interacting with clients has never been easier. Integrate them into your workflows with a wide range of capabilities.

  • Ability to carry out applications online
  • Reduced visit to physical office location
  • Ability to track status of applications
  • Ability to view relevant information easily
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