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GIS in the palm of your hand

More than just Mapping

Geographic Information Systems allow you collect, display, manage and geospatially analyze information.

Combine a multitude of different functionalities into a single effective web interface through our services.

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What We Enable You To Do

A glimpse into what's possible through our GIS solutions

Static Tracking

Visualizing the locations of your assets helps you plan the most efficient deployment of resources, monitor progress of projects, and measure impact.

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Turnkey Solutions

Acquire complete services from Surveys using industry-leading precision equipment to Spatial Mapping of data on an easily accessible software platform.

These systems are always updated and operational, so you can focus on your work.


Bespoke Environments

Solutions designed from the ground up ensure that every detail is tailored to your project.

Store the exact information you need for each of your assets, cleanly and comprehensibly.



Lightweight UIs provides accessibility using mobile phones over slow internet connections. Use your applications from an office or in the field.

Our collaborative platform helps teams work together with consistency and confidence.


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Dynamic Tracking

Tracking of your assets like Land-Based vehicles and Marine-vessels gives you Operational Awareness. The ability to integrate both static and dynamic data makes it easier to take decisions that are crucial to a project.

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Practical Capability

Deploy our cutting-edge, robust GPS & GPRS-enabled trackers on your vehicles or personnel.

Monitor them in real-time through a software interface available on any internet-enabled smart device.

Incorporate a multitude of additional functionalities on our hardware platform. Eg. SOS Buttons in case of Emergencies, Displays for Quick Communication, Temperature and Pressure Sensors etc.


Supercharged Operations

Discover a world of new capabilities:

  • Effectively coordinate projects with other staff.

  • Take control of the vehicles in your fleet.

  • Highlight vehicle stops and other potential hurdles and avoid them at a management level.

  • Prevent vehicle misuse and theft by recording location history and reviewing vehicle routes.

  • Optimize staff usage and evaluate behavior to ensure optimum usage of resources.

  • Use multiple Data Streams in One Intuitive Interface to Plan your Project Execution Intelligently.


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Personnel Management

Workforce Tracking/Attendance systems provide powerful management capabilities. They greatly enhance security, efficiency and reduce operation cost.

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A GPS enabled Mobile Biometric platform tracks field crews in remote locations.

Custom NFC/Barcode based ID cards with fingerprints can mark the presence of the employee.

Data on biometric devices is automatically transferred to a cloud based server, thus safeguarding from tampering and foul play.


Strategic Decisions

Observe the movement of your employees live.

Refer to routes taken by crew to evaluate behavior, and optimise staff usage.

Get alerts if registered personnel move out of their geo-fenced locations.

Monitor the systems from your PC, or even on the move from your smartphones.


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Managing a large project involves numerous tasks that need to be executed in tandem. Projects that involve interaction with the public can be made infinitely simpler by using the appropriate technology.

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Obtain an effective medium for people to voice their suggestions and grievances. Effective tracking of citizen grievances can lead to faster resolution of issues before they find their way into the public media.

Build an entirely paperless process to track the status of an issue, and ensure its resolution in a time-bound manner. Provide an interface for citizens to follow the status of their complaints.

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Visualize your sources of income with a user friendly interface. Build several layers that can help you categorize and monitor defaulters, so you can target the largest sources of income available to you.

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Define a workflow, register the owners, have us carry out a survey and use the system to calculate dues, collect dues, track renewal and much more.

An integrated cloud based system can provide a single system of record for all the information you need like Trade License Info, House Tax Info, List of Defaulters, Current Fees Due, History of Taxes Paid, etc.


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